Animal Management 1933 – Before and After II

As promised then, this is what Animal Management 1933 is looking like now. Thanks to the tutelage of Matt Edwards, a book that was really in a bad way now has a new spine, new tapes and, after a lot of TLC, has a new lease of life. (I no longer hold my breath in case another bit drops off when I take it off the shelf!!!!) More on the history of this particular edition next time. TTFN!

Animal Management 1933 – Before and After


Poor old Animal Management 1933 was looking somewhat the worse for wear. Partly just through old age, but also because of the abuse it had received at my hands during the last few years of ‘Phd-ing’. It really had got to the stage where the front cover was, quite literally, only hanging on by a thread. Action was required! Next time, I’ll show the ‘after’ pics and also tell you a bit more about this particular book’s history. TTFN!