Conferences Galore!

It is only now that I realise quite how many conferences I’ve been busy with over the last couple of years. The difficulties created by the ‘ongoing situation’ has meant that most of these have been online, and so travel has not been a barrier to attendance. Realising that now offer the ability to upload recordings and videos, I have been busy adding several of these papers to my site. All of these can be found by visiting my page at:

Papers include: “Songster’s Tale” – about a horse called Songster and the Loughborough Yeomanry; “So Much Meat in Various Shapes” – a cheerful little paper about the industrialization of horse disposal in The Great War; and “Poor Dolly” – about the shared impact of warfare on soldiers and their horses.

I hope you enjoy the new papers – please let me know how you get on. Either on here (in the comments) or on!

Author: janeflynnsenseandsentimentality

I am an independent researcher and writer affiliated to The University of Derby, UK. I was awarded a PhD in 2016 for my thesis: 'Sense and Sentimentality: The Soldier-Horse Relationship in the Great War'.

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